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Lima 4Wheel Jamboree Nationals

May 20th - 22nd, 2011

This past weekend On The Rocks Off Road attended the 26th Annual Spring 4-Wheel Jamboree Nationals in Lima, OH. We took the Screamin Eagle Rock Buggy to display. This was the first show we have displayed this rig at and we had a lot of attention with its one of a kind features. As always these shows are a ball to go to with every year the trucks getting bigger and bigger and the rock crawlers getting more and more modified. Even the kids wagons are lifted as you can see the Pink John Deere and Black n Grey wagons towards the bottom of the picture. Thanks to everyone for letting us snap pictures of their rigs and hope to see you at Indy!!


Ohio 4x4 Spring Picnic

April 30th, 2011

Ohio 4x4 held their Spring Picnic in Warsaw, OH. and invited us to bring our rigs along. We took 2 rigs down but unfortunately one of the rigs had electrical issues while we were there. Thankfully the guys with Ohio 4x4 were more than willing to lend a hand to help us get it running again and back to the trailer. Nothing better than great wheeling, great food, and hanging out with some great people!! Thanks again to the Ohio 4x4 Club for having us along! 


Stillwell ATV Benefit Ride

April 2nd & 3rd, 2011

Stillwell Stompers held a ATV Benefit Ride in Killbuck, OH. and even though we don't do much with ATV's we went down to check it out. We road with one of the land owners/trail leader and were very impressed as to what these little things can do! We had a blast during the run and as well as during the dinner, raffle, and auction. They raffled and auctioned off anything from a gallon of 2cycle oil to a full Polaris 4wheeler. The proceeds go to help one of the family members of a Stillwell Stompers club member. A great thanks to all that came to ride and to help put this on! 


 Ohio 4x4 Annual Truck Bash

March 26th, 2011

Ohio 4x4 Club held their Annual Truck Bash in Warsaw, OH. and invited us to come along. Our rig was down during this time so we went down and road along. Despite the chilly weather we had a great time as we always do with Ohio 4x4. They had 2 rigs roll during this event and luckily we were able to catch the one of film. No major damage or injuries occurred. Thanks again to the Ohio 4x4 club and the Frazer family for making us feel at home during this event. 


       Toys for Tots Toy Drive


        December 11th, 2010

This past weekend On The Rocks Off Road in conjunction with the Marine Corps held a Toys for Tots toy drive at the Wooster, OH. Wal-Mart December 11th, 2010. We had 6 rigs stationed out front of the store for the public to come check out, watch video of our rigs wheeling, and donate toys. The theme of the event was "Fill the Jeeps with Toys" and as you can see in the picture they did just that. We were able to fill the Marines full size panel van completely full of toys and fill the cash donation can with lots of monetary donations. All proceeds from this event go towards the local Marine Corps Toys for Tots Foundation. Thanks to every ones greatly appreciated donations lots of kids will have a great Christmas!

Special Thanks to everyone that came out and donated, all the friends that came out with their rigs and helped out all day, and the Marine Corps for running the Toys for Tots Foundation! Without these people we could have never had this successful of an event!


     Uwharrie, NC.    Southern Crew Trail Ride

                        November 20th, 2010 

This past weekend the Southern On The Rocks Off Road Crew went to Uwharrie National Forest in Troy, NC. We just had a couple of rigs for this trip but ran into a group from Low Range 4x4 out of Wilmington, NC. They had some very sick rigs all very modified! The Blue JK on the lower left has a 6.1 Hemi and was very equipped but still broke a front axle later in the day. They are associated with Off Road Evolution who makes some of these sick parts for these JK's. We were unable to attend the Rockvember event that was going on down there this weekend but plan to hit that up next year. That aside we had a great day of wheeling with some great friends and met some great people out on the trail. 


  The Screamin Eagle Rock Buggy Maiden Voyage

                November 14th, 2010 

This past weekend was the debut of a 3 year rock buggy project by Rick Kemp of Eagle Equipment. The buggy is called The Screamin Eagle. The CJ10 Tub sits on half of a YJ frame with the rest being all 1 3/4" DOM 120 Wall Tubing. A total of 200 feet of tubing was used in this project. The CJ10 is very unique as you can notice the grill has 9 slots compared to the 7 slot grill of all other Jeeps. The hood is a normal CJ hood but is painted with a very light grey ghost flame. This monster is pushing 38.5" Mickey Thompson Baja Claws with a Chevy 400 Small Block Fuel Injected, Turbo 400 Tranny with B&M Shifter, and Twin Stick 4.3:1 Atlas Transfer Case. In case that isn't enough there is a T-Max 10,000# Winch in the front and Mile Marker 9,500# Winch on the rear. The front end is supported by a mix of 4" & 6" YJ leafs while the rear is Quarter Elliptic with a mix of 4" & 6" YJ Springs and home made long arms. The front axle is a 8 lug Dana 44 with 4:10 gears and the rear is a Corporate 14 Bolt Full Float with a Detroit Locker and 4:10 gears with a disc brake conversion. For steering Rick chose to go with a full PSC System from the Steering Box, Pump, to the Hydraulic Assist. All 4 corners are sporting Bilstein 5150 Shocks. At night the trail is lighted by many lights underneath but in front are KC custom made headlights with high and low beams both. The top is a Bestop Half Cab that was custom made to fit with this body. The 15 gallon fuel cell to feed the monster sits in the home made tool box along with plenty of storage for parts and tools. 

The debut of the buggy was to be about a year earlier but due to health problems of being diagnosed with Cancer twice during this build it slowed the process. The first actual debut of the buggy was at the Richard Childress Vineyard in NC for Justin & Julie Kemp's wedding. The buggy was only road worthy at that time and since then has had the final touches to make it trail worthy. This buggy not only looks and sounds great but it also tears up the trail just as you would picture it to.

Congratulations to Rick for this great build and we look forward to riding with him and his buggy out on the trails!  


     Stillwell Stompers Trail Ride

         October 17th, 2010

This past weekend we attended Stillwell Stompers October trail ride. We had a good turn out with no one having any major damage. All the trails were dry which made for excellent traction and made it so we could push our rides to the limit even more.  This was the last ride of the year for the club on the home grounds due to hunting season. They will continue to run the rest of the year but it will be in other locations. Overall this was a great day of wheeling to end the 2010 rides down there. Thanks again to the Stillwell Stompers! 


              Jeep Rocks & Road Tour

                     October 9th, 2010 


 This past weekend the Southern On The Rocks Off Road Crew went to the  Jeep, Rocks, & Road Tour in Charlotte, NC. This is an event that Jeep is putting on in place of the old Camp Jeep. They have a road and off road course you can test drive new Jeeps on, there was a off road course for Jeep owners to take their own jeeps on, balancing ramp, mud pit, and they even had a kids course set up for the little ones to drive power wheel Jeeps around. They had tents set up displaying the new coming Jeeps and a history tent set up showing the history of Jeep. This was a great event to attend wether your a novice or expirienced. Thanks to Jeep for putting on a great event! 


              Ohio 4x4 Trailriders Club Picnic

                           October 3rd, 2010 

This past weekend we attended the Ohio 4x4 Trailriders Club Picnic. We wheeled on 2 of the club members property as well this day. We didn't make it very far on the first trail due to loosing a rear coil within the first ten minutes. The second piece of property was a great place! Rocks, hills, twist, mud, just about everything. We ended up smashing our front fender as you can see above when we put our jeep on its side. The total damage this weekend was- front 4x4 tractor axle housing broke, Toyota Birfield Joint broke, 2 exhaust broke off, one mirror, one leaf spring center pin broke, and a t-case went out. This was a great day with a great bunch of wheelers! We look forward to wheeling with them again. If you are located in southern Ohio and looking to join a club then check them out! Thanks to the Ohio 4x4 Trailriders Club and the Frazer family for inviting us out for this event and their hospitality!


          EC4WDA Sand Drags - September 25th


    Stillwell Stompers Trail Ride - September 26th

This past weekend we attended 2 events.

First was the EC4WDA Sand Drags. Though our main focus is on trail riding and rock crawling we still like to check out different events such as this. The cars, jeeps, trucks, dragsters... were all something else to watch! That much horsepower on sand as soon as the light goes green is a cool sight, with rooster tails of sand down the whole length of the strip. We did not drag our jeep due to we exceeded the horsepower limit with our 6 cylinder...  Thanks to EC4WDA for putting on a good show!

Second was a Stillwell Stompers Trail Ride. We had a good size group this ride with everyone well modified. We hit some of the hardest trails they have to offer with only 3 breaks through out the day. We broke our front driveshaft on the trail 37 Heaven, and two other members broke front axles on the Raveen. The last break of the day with the front axle was the most severe with it destroying the entire axle. Overall a great day of wheeling as usual with the Stillwell Stompers. 


       Indianapolis 4Wheel Jamboree Nationals

                 September 17th - 19th


This past weekend On The Rocks Off Road attended the Indy Jamboree. As you can see from above this show contains some amazing rigs! We had a hard time choosing the best one so we just went with our favorite ones. This is a 3 day show but we only attended for Saturday and Sunday. Indy is always a great time and a chance to see some of the most amazing rigs in the midwest & east coast, and we were lucky enough to get to see Bigfoot's largest monster truck pictured above. If you have never been before check into it for next year, it will be worth going to! 


This week Wooster Diesel is displaying & selling our film in their booth at the Wayne County Fair.

A Big thanks to them for their support!!!


               Stillwell StompersTrail Ride

          September 11th, 2010


This past weekend we attended a Stillwell Stompers trail ride. We had a small group of about 4 Jeeps. We were able to hit a lot of trails due to having a small group which made for a great day. The top picture is the beginning of a new trail within the Stone Quarry Trail that we have been trying to establish. Not many jeeps have tried their luck on this trail yet but have had some attempts. We almost went all day without any breakage but on the last trail we broke a heavy duty tie rod and a front axle u-joint which also took out the outer shaft. Luckily another member had spare shafts and tie rod and we were able to get off the trail. Thanks to Mike for that! Also thanks again to the Stillwell Stompers! 


  Erie Shores Trail Ride- Wellsville, OH. 

            September 4th, 2010


This past weekend we were invited to join Erie Shores Jeeps & 4x4s for their September trail ride. The run was in Wellsville, OH and it was a Great time! As usual on a holiday weekend it was packed and a lot of crazy people. That aside it was a great day of wheeling with a great bunch of Jeepers with no major damage or breaks. Thanks to Erie Shores for having us along! We look forward to joining them again soon for more rides. 


                                       On The Rocks Off Road

     Northern & Southern Crew Joint Trail Ride

                   August 28th, 2010


This past weekend the southern crew came to Ohio to join us for a run to see some of the new terrain we have been developing.  We covered a lot of trails with a group of 5. We even attempted the Big Ravine that we broke both axles on just a month ago. We still had to winch out this time but with no broke parts. (as you can see in the bottom picture above it is not a easy climb out, and we are climbing the easier side). Luckily everyone drove their rigs off the trails this time with no major damage except for some body damage. Thanks to the Hawkins family for letting us arrange this run!


                  Stillwell Stompers Trail Ride

                     August 22nd, 2010


This past weekend our jeep was down due to many reasons but the main reason was a broke tranny mount and we weren't able to get a new one before the trail ride. That didn't stop us from attending though. We bummed a ride with the JK above on 38's.If you havn't wheeled in a JK yet you need to try it! It was one of the most comfy luxurious rides on the trail i have ever had. Thanks again to Jason for the lift that day. Below is a Very capable Samurai going through one of the rock gardens on Stone Quarry Trail. We will be back down in Stillwell again this weekend with our Southern Crew as they are coming up to check out some of our new trails. 

   Thanks again to all of our fans for their support!!! 


 Stillwell Stompers Benefit Ride 

August 14th & 15th

OTR Off Road is finally back out on the trails!!!! After 14 hours of rebuilding both axles on Saturday we were able to make it to the run for Sunday. We didn't push our jeep very hard this weekend, seeing as how we have just been down for 3 weeks we wanted to stay running for a while. It was a slick day with all the rain we had and the mud on the rocks. Luckily no sever damage this weekend, the worst was one roll over on Saturday and a broke front axle on Sunday and a few other minor incidents in between. Overall a great day of wheeling!! Thanks again to the Stillwell Stompers!


This past weekend no one at On The Rocks Off Road was able to go wheeling. Due to the northern crews jeep still being down from last weekend and the southern crew is moving. We hope to be back on the trails this weekend but if not, for sure the week after. Stillwell Stompers is having a Benefit Ride that weekend and Superlift's 4xAdventure Series run in Winchester, VA. is that weekend as well. We will be at one of them, jeep or no jeep! Keep checking back to see whats new. Thanks for all of our fans Support!!!


         4 Wheel Drive Hardware Show-July 24th


           Stillwell Stompers Run-July 25th


On The Rocks attended 2 events this past weekend. First was the 4wd Hardware Show at their store in Columbiana, OH. The show was great with a great turn out! The only bad thing that day was the HEAT! There were many companies there to show off their products and 4wd Hardware was offering great deals on all products. We saw a wide range of Jeeps- show, mudders, and rock crawlers. If you were not able to make it to their show this year make sure to mark your calendar for next year.

The second event we attended was Stillwell Stomper's monthly run. We had a great day of wheeling. We pushed our Jeep to the limit that day and as results of that as we are showing above we snapped the drivers side rear 8.8 axle shaft and stripped the spider gears out of the front dana 30. It may have shut us down for the rest of the day but we will have it back up and on the trails as soon as we can so we can catch more of the footage you love to see. 


                                        July 17th & 18th

Part of the On The Rocks family visited Carolina Beach this past weekend. Although some of the vehicles there may be more for show than go we still think they are sweet! This beach doesn't have big hills or any hard obstacles but is a nice place to go relax, show off your rig, and get a tan.   



                  July 10th, 2010

On The Rocks Off Road visited Outback Off Road's Adventure Park in Eau Claire, PA this past weekend. We had a great time at this park and there was much we didn't get to wheel. We had to call it a early day due to overheating issues, suspension issues, and one of the winches not working. They have everything at this park whether your stock or modified.

                    Check them out at-       www.outbackoffroadadventure.com



                          *** July 4th, 2010 *** 

We hope everyone had a great Independence Day!!! Although we had invites to several trail rides we had to keep close to home due to other obligations this past weekend. That doesn't mean we left the Jeep's sit! They got cleaned up and put some road miles on them. Above is at the fireworks in our hometown.


        Stillwell Stompers Run

               June 27th 2010

 On The Rocks attended Stillwell Stompers last weekend and had an absolute blast! (even though we smashed a few body panels and got a flat!). Speaking of body panels that is a 2008 4dr JK in the upper right side that slid into a tree! We had one roll over that day with minor damage and no injuries. Every one that attended had an awesome time and we can't wait to get back down!! Thanks again to the Stillwell Stompers!!



             JUNE 18th 2010 

 On The Rocks Off Road attended our home towns Cruise In. This show had everything from our jeeps to sky high trucks - low riders - motorcycles - and of course the classic cars. Pictures from the show are in the photo gallery under Car & Truck Shows. This picture has got to be my favorite car show picture i have ever taken!!! You don't get many chances to snap a picture of your rig (with our company banner) in front of a classic court house with the time clock and the GREAT AMERICAN FLAG waving in the back ground!


 We attended a Poker Run put on by High Country Off Road this past weekend in Elizabeth, WV. Although mud is not our main thing it is fun to play in now and again, and that is exactly what we had here. We did deal with some rain while we where there but that just added to the fun of the mud. There was a range of vehicles from stock to slightly modified to modified. This was an overall well organized and fun Poker Run. 

If you are in this area and looking for a club check them out! They are a great bunch of guys and gals to wheel with! Whether your stock or modified they have something for you.





                   JUSTIN & JULIE KEMP

                        MAY 29, 2010

Justin & Julie were married at Childress Vineyard in NC this past weekend and the get away Jeep behind them is a CJ10 which is owned and built by Rick Kemp. This is the project Jeep we featured at the end of Midwest Style and the wedding was her maiden voyage.


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